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ComNaD Website Design


Computer Networks and Design, LLC was founded to help people make a positive impact on the Internet by specializing in custom website design and creative solutions to business (and personal) needs. Many site generators and “easy design” tools use templates and “cookie cutter” designs, causing site after site to appear as if they are cut from the same mold.

A custom website design shows:

Boost your productivity by showing your professional creativity. Not the creative type? Engage us to be your creative business partner. Together we will show the world your business is the best choice. Growing our business is a goal and ambition. Why? As our business partners prosper, we thrive. A healthy economy is a benefit to us all.

Fluid Designs

Today’s Internet is views on a myriad of devices, from huge monitors, widescreen TVs, various tablets and small smartphones. You can spend money to create two to three sites and apps to cover the bases, or you can opt for a single fluid design that adjusts for all screen sizes. This is an elegant solution that not only saves you money, but displays your creativity and sensitivity to customer needs.

Also consider, today’s Internet is viewed from various browsers such as, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. Your site, especially if you incorporate video, must be designed to work with each of these Browsers, and adjusted for new versions as they come out. Another consideration is E-readers and handicap accessibility tools. In order for these devices to “read” your website, your site must be coded in a manner friendly for artificial intelligence. Being AI friendly not only helps such devices, but also helps Google’s indexing programs position your site for better ranking.

At ComNaD we are obsessive about HTML5 standards and coding to help your site be as accessible as possible. AI devices may not be people yet, but time keeps slipping into the future, and one day C3PO may thank us all.

For Businesses

Today’s marketplace demands an Internet presence were customers can find out about your company’s products and/or services. Comparative shoppers crave information so they can make informed decisions when spending their hard-earned dollars. An attractive, functional and informative website not only gives customers the information they need about your company, but if done right, it will give customers a positive experience related to your brand. Branding is crucial for a business to be successful. Brands become part of our vernacular. For instance, “Google” is no longer just the company name for the world’s leading search engine; it has become a word used for searching the Internet (e.g. “If you want more information about web design, Google it”).

Branding your business with a catchy name, like “Monster” or “Facebook” helps name recognition word-of-mouth advertising. It also helps people find your business on the Internet. Choosing the right domain can make an impact as well.

At ComNaD, we will help you:

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©2015 Computer Networks and Design, LLC

ComNaD Mobile Design


Recent studies show that over 50% of peope surfing the web do so with mobile devices. At ComNaD, we build responsive websites that flex to fit all screen sizes; however, many clients also prefer a mobile app feel to their site. Having large menu buttons that slide a page into view are familar to mobile phone users. Having text formated and presented in an easily read and familar style provides smart phone users with a comforting feeling, and positive user experience.

We will work with you to customize the color scheme, logo and navigation of your mobile site, to make it attractive and functional. Our goal is that your customers have an informative, pleasent user experience to help you generate business and gain repeat visitors.

As with all our designs, we not only want you, as the client, to be happy and satisfied with the service we provide, we want to earn your referral. We can only do that by going the extra mile to do the best posible job. Contact us today to get started on your designs.

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ComNaD SEO & iMarketing


What is the purpose of creating a website if no one will see it? It’s good business to market your good and/or services, but how does one do that on the Internet?

Google – Search Engine Optimization

At Computer Networks and Design, LLC, we will get you noticed. There is much more to designing a website than making it appear attractive and having it function. A website needs to be designed in such a manner that the Google web crawlers and spiders (programs that automatically search the Internet to index content for search rankings) can read it.

Google automatically optimizes search results to deliver local businesses to the browsers of web surfers depending on their location. It is no longer a trick to get noticed by local customers, provided your site is designed to be properly indexed by Google for the local search. The trick is in the design. Actually, it is much harder for companies with a national customer base rank high than for those seeking local clientele. However, this, too, can be optimized if done correctly.

Artificial Intelligence

Another consideration for today’s Internet is that many modern devices can talk. E-readers can read website content to the visually impaired, commuters, or anyone who would rather listen than read. We will design your site to be friendly to Artificial Intelligence devices. After all, as far as we have come, we don’t have R2D2 yet, so we need to help today’s AI out a bit.

Social Media

Social Media plays a big part in today’s world. As important as it is for your business to have a web presence via your website, it is becoming more and more important to allow customers a way to reach you through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and the “next big thing.” Having followers via social media is an unobtrusive way to get messages to them, and market your goods. Mass email campaigns are SPAM, and, for the most part, looked upon unfavorably. But when someone follows you on social media, they have opted to see your messages. The trick is to know how to attract followers and spread your brand.

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About ComNaD


At Computer Networks and Design, LLC (ComNaD), we believe aesthetic creativity and productive functionality will help your business make an impact on the Internet. Making a website work for your business is paramount, but that being said, making it look sharp is our joy. What does that do for you? Website visitors enjoy a positive user experience and are more likely to stay on the site longer, return again, and spread the word about your site. There are many “cookie-cutter” templates and design tools available to help small sites get on the web, but if you want to make a statement, express your goals with a custom web design from ComNaD.

Why Use ComNaD?

You know your business. If your business is not web design, then learning to use even the most user-friendly web building tools takes time. Learning web design programs and tools is how we spend our time. If a more productive use of your time is running and growing your business, let us use our time to design an attractive, functional site for you. We will deliver a site for you quickly and professionally, and you don't have to learn any software or spend time clicking boxes and choosing from and learning to customize a myriad of cookie-cutter templates.

We love being creative, productive, but creative. Artsy is not a bad word when expressing who you are, and attracting those surfing eyes.

We will consult with you to find out your business goals, your desires for your site, and keep you informed throughout the creative process. Many designers can generate a functional website. We want to partner with you to help your business grow. As you prosper, we prosper, and all benefit.

We want you as a referral. The best testament to a business’s success is when a client recommends them to others. We want to do such a good job for your business that you speak well of us. That is motivation for us to do well for you.

When you partner with us for a custom web design, you get the comfort of being able to speak with us, and not having to deal with a call center agent.

Why a Custom Web Site?

You know your business, you have to decide what is most important to you. If you want to put your best foot forward, advanced functionality, and have a creative design without limitations, you need a custom design. If cost is the most important determining factor, there are “Costco” type options that will generate a site and give some customization options, but all have limitations inherent in their functionality. Most most discount web builder tools have template designs, and many others who use the same tool choose from those same templates. All of the templates tend to be variations on the same theme. That is not to say they are bad, but they are definatly not unique.

There is no right or wrong way; there are simply ways that you feel is right for your business.

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